2013: The year for Changhong?

Changhong is looking to make its mark in the Australian market in 2013.

At CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Changhong debuted several models in the TV, fridge, laundry and mobile phone category.

The company said it expects to increase its stainless steel fridge range with the release of 19 models. There are also hopes to replicate the success it had with smartphones in the Chinese market in Australia as it continues to look for opportunities.

According to Changhong, many of these will launch in Australia later this year.

Details of its TV range releases are available below:

LED TV Range
B5000 Series
What: FHD 3D Smart TV
Size: 55- and 50-inch
When: Available in Q2 2013

B4000 Series
What: FHD Smart TV
Size: 32-, 42-, 50 and 55-inch
When: Available Q2 2013

B8000 Series
What: UHD TV(4Kx2K), 3D, Smart Tv
Size: 55- and 65-inch
When: Australia Q3 2013
B6000 Series
What: FHD 3D Android Smart TV
Size: 58- and 65-inch
When: Available in Q3 2013

Plasma TV Range
C2000 Series
What: HD, FHD
Size: 51- and 60-inch
When: Available in Q2 2013


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