Commercial security system

Security is fundamentally important across all occupations to ensure the overall possession and safety of commercial and residential premises. It is very important to use a sophisticated security system.  All companies including offices, retail outlets and office buildings requires special consideration to use a sophisticated security system

It is very important to take serious initiatives in order to secure specific premises. It is not just the offices, retail outlets that require security, but it is our homes too. As the crime rate is increasing and thieves are very common, it is essential to look into the security option and selects the one that fits your need.

The main components of commercial security system include the following;

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Alarms
  • Integrated Systems
  • Fire system detection

Access Control allows only authorized individuals to enter the premises for instance room, office, building or room. A person requires a passcode, fingerprints, pins, key cards, and video verification to enter the building.  With the help of access control system the information is transmitted and shared with the control panel and compared with the database.

One of the most important component of security system isclose circuit TV (CCTV), as cctv camera installation Melbourne ,are based on a number of security cameras which are connected with a DVR( digital video recorder). A CCTV camera may include the following features; lightening, night vision, facial recognition and motion detectors. It is very important for the business owners to consider the quality of footage. The main problem for the large businesses is to monitor the multiple cameras and obviously, the cost associated in installing multiple cameras is high.

The alarms play a vital role in detection of unauthorized personnel into a site, building or office. Alarms are linked with sensors, and there are different types of sensors, which can be used to secure a location. The main types of sensors include the following;

  • Infrared motion detectors
  • Sealed switches
  • Glass break detectors
  • Photoelectric system

The signals transmitted from these sensors are sent back to a central control unit and the alarm system produce and audible alarm. The purpose of alarm is to draw attention of the security staff and warn the burglars to remain outside the business site.

A fire detection system is based on various components which includes, Glass break stations, smoke detectors, sprinkles, evacuation signals, heat detectors and manual pull station

If all these systems are installed separately, the cost can be much higher, inappropriate decisions and decision poorer. All these components including sensors, alarms, and CCTV and access control are part of a building management system. An integrated system provides much efficient and better control. A perimeter security allows preventing the excess of unauthorized personnel from fencing, walls and infrared beams. At the point to entry, sufficient access control may be installed. Furthermore, barriers, Gates, screens and shutters can be used to closes these points.



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