Plantronics Bluetooth headsets will last longer than you

Plantronics understands that charging a Bluetooth headset every few days is a pain. That’s why it developed some pretty intelligent battery saving technology that gives its latest headsets – the M35 and M55 – up to five months of standby time.

When these two headsets are away from your phone for more than 90 minutes, they automatically enter a deep sleep mode, which slows battery consumption to less than a trickle, resulting in up to five months worth of standby. When you’re back in range, you’ll need to actively wake the headsets up, but that’s significantly easier than charging every other day.

11 hours of talk time, digital noise reduction and voice alerts that whisper your remaining battery life, make these lightweight headsets some of the most attractive on the market. Available for $49 and $69 respectively, the M35 and M55 are differentiated with the latter also offering voice controls to answer calls.


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